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Original Pitcher with face / Brocca dipinta a mano con volto , pezzo unico

Original Pitcher with face / Brocca dipinta a mano con volto , pezzo unico

€ 180,00Prezzo

Questa brocca è realizzata e dipinta interamente da me . E' una brocca in argilla bianca, di forma quadrata e piatta. Lo spessore è di 5 cm, l'altezza 23 e la larghezza 17,5 escluso manico. Contiene circa 1 litro d'acqua.

 La caratteristica della brocca è di avere due ampie superfici piatte che funzionano bene per essere decorate con i miei volti, in genere femminili. Da un lato dipingo un volto (immaginario) e dall'altro il corpo sottosopra con due piedini che lo tengono come appeso. 

Ogni pezzo è unico e irriproducibile. Realizzo queste broche da 20 anni, pochi pezzi ogni anno.


This is an original, one-of-a-kind, handmade pitcher. It is made of white clay and decorated with engobes and oxides. It has a clear, non-toxic glaze.

I designed and reproduce this specific form for the purpose of having two ample, flat surfaces to paint my ‘signature’ faces on. On one side, I paint an ‘imaginary’ face, which evolves from the moment I begin painting her. On the other side, I then paint her in her dress, upside down, with her two feet in the air!

I paint each pitcher with a portrait of a woman I've never known, but perhaps their faces were impressed on my memory in some way, and then later, they re-appear unconsciously in my work.

This pitcher is from a series of 'Face Pitchers' that I have been making over the past 20 years. Since all my 'Face Pitchers' are one-of-a-kind and cannot be reproduced, I only make a few each year because they require the ‘right' inspiration and are fired in my kiln multiple times in order to achieve the effects I seek.


Height: 23 cm

Width: 17.5 cm (not including handle)

Thickness: 5 cm

Holds approximately 1 liter of liquid.

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